Your Vertical of Tomorrow for MS Dynamics 365, AX or NAV

Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and NAV experience and expertise:
- Modules Architecture
- Take it to the cloud
- Development of the vertical modules
- Mobile or Front-end add-ons on your vertical
- Dashboards & reporting of your vertical

Use Case:


Ever Near offers to be your partner in developing your own Vertical solution in MS Dynamics 365, AX and NAV in any domain. As example, we present to you our Vertical in MS Dynamics AX built for the Real-Estate and Property Management market.

DAX IMMO™ is a business empowering system for Real-Estate market oriented companies that provides flexibility, responsiveness and mobility. Various insight to data is also provided, all in order to reduce time needed to reach potential targets and goals. DAX IMMO™ adapts to the needs of the users, and to the changing business climate to offer best support for Real-Estate trading companies and Property Management companies with big market expansion, providing services to a limitless number of clients. DAX IMMO™ also adapts to the market regulations and covers all processes dependent on the country that the business is located, and also offers multi-country coverage. Using DAX IMMO™ provides overview in the efficiency and tracks the company progress in order to ever improve and tackle the global market.

DAX IMMO™ is powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX, and is the best Real Estate market oriented AX solution on the globe. DAX IMMO™ is developed according to Microsoft's highest standards and follows Microsoft's latest trends.

Following worldwide trends the Microsoft Dynamics AX is hosted on the cloud using Azure. Similarly all the products that make up DAX IMMO™ are cloud hosted. That way the resources needed for this solution are reduced as well as the costs.

With an ever improving solution with a continuously growing set of features, the value proposition is a lasting solution to promise a head start to real estate and property management companies against the competition.

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